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You’d suppose they’d’ve mentioned the evil speaking caterpillar in there somewhere. In this version, Mr. Mind was a suitably pulpy-sounding Venusian mind-worm. He was one of many, in reality, with the entire species present as a hive thoughts. In addition to telepathically speaking with each other, the Mind Worms may crawl into a human’s ear canal and use mind-management powers on their host. With his slithering body, shiny coloring, many appendages, and diminutive statute, Mister Mind appears quite a lot like an overgrown caterpillar – but don’t be mistaken. In the original comics he was introduced as an alien who originally traveled to Earth hatching schemes for invasion, but his plans fell apart when Shazam teleported all of the worms into the depths of space.

Before you query who that worm was in the Post-Credit scene, learn this and you will know every little thing. , Mr. Mind would be a enjoyable villain for the sequel, however works best as a personality when backed up by different villains. This overconfidence and oversight is Mind’s undoing as Billy Batson not solely engages his nemesis personally, however exploits this weak point in neutralizing the latest incarnation of the Monster Society of Evil. Mind is bound to face the Shazam Family again, as he has for almost eighty years of comic e-book historical past. Unless he plans to better shield his telepathic abilities, his weak spot makes him one thing of a pushover amongst Shazam’s rogues gallery.

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In Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s 1996 miniseries Kingdom Come, Dr. Sivana was credited by Lex Luthor for making a breed of mind-controlling worms earlier than his death. Also, in Superman’s gulag, most of the prisoners had been members of the Pre-Crisis Monster Societies, such as Jeepers, Mister Banjo, King Kull, the Crocodile Men, Ibac and Goat Man. Having Mr. Mind showing as an influential background villain on this movie provides an excellent steadiness of credible risk and comedian-book absurdity, that may help DC obtain the lighter tone that it has forecast for future films. It can even enable for nice action sequences – a mind-controlling worm is a good excuse to have heroes battling heroes, or villains utilizing new methods and techniques. Ever since Spider-Man 3, a shadow has been cast over superhero films with multiple villains.

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He finds the Wizard Shazam’s spellbook — which has been sought by both Mind and Doctor Sivana to extend their power — and uses a spell to shrink himself down sufficiently small to enter his father’s ear and face Mister Mind one-on-one. Mind is incredibly intelligent and possesses highly effective telepathy and hypnotic talents, typically used to topic others to his will. Given his quick stature, Mind is almost at all times seen carrying a talkbox around his neck. He uses this to project his voice and talk with or control people far larger than himself — at least, when he is not able to insert himself of their auditory canal to directly seize control through proximity to their brains. One of Shazam’s oldest foes, Mister Mind, is likely one of the deadliest supervillains within the DC Universe, regardless of his classic look as a minuscule worm.

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Without his management, the team was rapidly defeated in battle by the All-Star Squadron. Last I checked, this guy could be very dangerous because of his immense thoughts management powers. His chewing on time is what made the new multiverse distinct, as a substitute of a sequence of equivalent copies of DC Earth. “I name the gods, physician, not the other means round,” the worm continues. “Oh what fun we’ll have together. The seven realms are about to be ours.” to Sivana, who has been robbed of his magical powers and imprisoned.

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