Stacey will depart Albert Square in 2021 and can return later within the 12 months. On 18 February 2021, Stacey came upon that Ruby set up Arthur’s kidnapping and that she was liable for Martin’s assault. Stacey additionally believed that Ruby was faking her being pregnant and she or he confronted her about it and made her take a pregnancy check to show it. However, a lot to Stacey and Ruby’s shock, the test got here back positive. Following an argument with Ruby Allen, her friend fell down the steps and told everyone she lost the child however viewers know she lost the infant the day earlier than. She blamed Stacey for the miscarriage and Martin told Stacey that he has no more feelings for her and that the kiss at Christmas was a mistake.

Stacey begins sleeping with Ryan Malloy and is raped by Archie Mitchell. After attacking Archie with a broken glass and accusing her friends and family of planning to hurt her, Stacey is involuntarily dedicated to hospital, where she befriends Becca Swanson. Stacey begins to date Steven Beale, however she dumps him after finding out he kissed Christian Clarke.

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Stacey also turns into heavily concerned in the murder of Den Watts when she offers her cousin Zoe Slater a false alibi for his murder, touchdown an innocent Sam Mitchell in jail. Sam’s family and Sharon pressure her into telling the truth, and eventually Den’s spouse Chrissie Watts is arrested for the homicide. When Bex’s mom and Martin’s former spouse Sonia Fowler leaves, Bex moves in with the Fowlers, leaving the flat overcrowded, so they move into Sonia’s old home. Kat sees Stacey strolling into a salon, from the highest deck of a bus in London. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, the place she meets Lily and Stacey’s boyfriend, Luke Riley .

Stacey realises that Jean knows who it is, and when she asks, Jean produces the important thing. Jean reveals that Kyle has been making an attempt to contact her and Stacey by way of letters, making Stacey realise that Kyle is her half-brother. Kush tells Stacey that they need to inform the truth to Shabnam and Martin concerning the paternity of Stacey’s child. Stacey offers delivery at Lily’s nativity play and Martin names the child Arthur Fowler, after his father. When Kush holds the baby, his behaviour makes Shabnam realise that he could possibly be Arthur’s father. He displays a romantic curiosity in her, which is later revealed to be a part of a guess together with his girlfriend Janine Butcher .

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After screaming at Carmel and Kush, Stacey suffers an eclamptic seizure and is rushed to the hospital, the place she and Martin are told her baby will have to be delivered prematurely due to an absence of oxygen. By the time of Charlie’s funeral, Stacey is satisfied that Martin is a demon who’s working with the devil. Eventually, Martin convinces her that he is not a demon and that a hospital is the most secure place for her and Arthur. However, she is then sectioned after refusing to voluntarily admit herself, because she will be separated from Arthur.

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Stacey writes Martin a letter revealing that Arthur is Kush’s son, however decides not to send it, however a nurse finds it and offers it to Martin; Martin is heartbroken. Stacey begs for his forgiveness, however he goes to America, returning a couple of weeks later and so they reunite. He explains that he is transgender and he used to be her sister however is now her brother. Stacey accepts and helps him and allows him to remain at her and Martin’s flat. Stacey tells Martin she has a stalker, and when Jean and Ollie visit, she tells them too.

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An unknown relative of Stacey’s, Hayley Slater , begins taking pictures of Martin and Stacey. Annie Pritchard (Martha Howe-Douglas), the daughter of Terry, who’s the person that Mo conned money out of, arrives to get the cash again, but the family idiot her into believing Mo has died. Martin decides to make up with Stacey after chatting with Ted Murray , but Stacey leaves Walford with Lily, Arthur and Hope, choosing to live with Jean for a while. After talking with Lily, social employee Fiona Payne (Sandra James-Young) tells Stacey and Martin that Lily feels pushed out with Arthur and is anxious in regards to the new child.

Martin’s teenage daughter Bex Fowler confides in Stacey about her boyfriend Shakil Kazemi wanting sex along with her and asks for advice. When Bex’s mom and Martin’s former wife Sonia Jackson leaves, Bex strikes in with the Fowlers, leaving the flat overcrowded, so they transfer into Sonia’s old home. Max returns to Walford after being wrongly imprisoned for murdering Lucy Beale , and Stacey is happy that he is again.

She steals money from her family, sleeps with varied males on the go and turns into a heavy drinker. In the midst of her illness, she is devastated when Bradley asks her for a divorce. She is recognized with bipolar disorder, but is non-compliant with her medication and turns into paranoid, experiencing hallucinations.

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