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It is believed that the filter material of this invention could also be effective on this method towards the virus that cause colds, influenza, SARS, RSV, chook flu and mutated serotypes of these. A appropriate materials for this additional material is polyester, cellulose or non-woven polypropylene of the kind conventionally used for surgical masks and the like. A layer of the filter material and a layer of the further materials might for example be welded together, e.g. round their respective edges, e.g. by ultrasonic welding. A mask based on declare 23 wherein the whole loading of the acidic polymer plus any carboxylic acid if any and plus any surfactant if any on the substrate of the filter materials is within the range g/m2. A masks in accordance with any one of many previous claims wherein the whole loading of the acidic polymer plus any carboxylic acid if any and plus any surfactant if any on the substrate of the filter material is in the range g/m2.

Water repellent know-how– balances humidity and temperature ranges while repelling droplets containing viruses and micro organism. A masks in accordance with claim three wherein the air-permeable substrate contains a non- woven polypropylene. A mask in accordance with claim 1 wherein the air-permeable substrate comprises a fibrous substrate. Further experiments had been performed using a polyester substrate materials.

Face Masks With Anti

Alternatively the substrate could also be in the form of an open-cell foam, e.g. a polyurethane foam as can also be used for air filters, for example in nasal air plugs. The filter material described herein could also be made in various methods, by which the air- permeable substrate is mixed with the acidic polymer. Other suitable acidic polymers are believed to incorporate polyvinyl phosphonic acids. Acidic polymers which have been discovered helpful for the purposes herein have been discovered to have molecular weights within the vary 30,000 to 2,000,000 but molecular weight does not seem like critical, and this can be merely an exemplary vary.

The filter 10 is of typically standard building comprising a pad which can be hooked up over the nose and mouth of a person by a conventional strap . The pad comprises an outer layer of the filter material of the invention stitched to an internal polyester fibre pad , the outer layer being ready to intercept a stream of inhaled or exhaled breathing air. Such a resulting liquid composition is herein termed a “loading answer”.

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An instance of a metallic salt of this kind is zinc chloride. As used herein the time period “acidic polymer” features a polymer having acidic groups along its spine, e.g. as side groups. Suitable acidic teams are carboxylic acid groups. The acidic polymer may be cross-linked or linear.

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It has additionally acquired European regulatory approval and carries a CE mark, which means it has been independently reviewed.

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